First Published 1991

Ghost Girl

In writing GHOST GIRL the issue Torey wanted to address specifically was the difficulty professionals have in interpreting maladjusted behavior.  At the time of writing GHOST GIRL, she was concerned at the number of people jumping on the various “bandwagons”, such as satanic and ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder, and such and wanted to show just how hard it can be from the professional’s standpoint to determine what exactly is happening – and how easy it is to allow personal bias to affect diagnoses.

GHOST GIRL was Torey’s first book to upset publishers and to be returned for re-writing.  They disliked the unclear ending.  As it is a true story and not fiction, Torey found it difficult to come up with a more suitable ending.   The issue was resolved by including a lengthy epilogue which had to be rewritten fifteen times before it was accepted.

GHOST GIRL went on to become Torey’s second most popular book after ONE CHILD.  It reached the best seller list in five countries.

Torey still is not certain what really happened to Jadie.