A Page for Notes

Remove the word “Blog” from the breadcrumbs on the home page :- theme / inc / breadcrumbs.class.php
Line 118 – Remove Blog from between the single quotes

All the Books are in woocommerce Products menu

Book Images are 600 pixels wide by 840 pixels high.

For uniform scaling it’s best to size the cover by Height – to 840 pixels and if the cover is narrower – put it (centered) into a rectangle 600 x 840 with a white background. This keeps the book lists and grids uniform

Additional CSS to show breadcrumbs in white against green background

ul.gf-breadcrumbs li.breadcrumb-leaf{

ul.gf-breadcrumbs li > span{

Individual Book Pages

/* Hides Caption text on Book Pages /
.product-single-layout-01 .wp-caption-text{ display:none!important; }

/* Adds space above book covers gallery on Book page */

#gallery-1 {margin-top:10px;}