Teaching Children who are Hard to Reach


Meet The Author

How do you move beyond traditional classroom management to create a learning environment that engages our hardest-to-reach students—students who may be struggling due to emotional disturbances, disabilities, or environmental circumstances?

Based on the practices Torey Hayden demonstrated in her many nonfiction classroom stories such as ONE CHILD and SOMEBODY ELES’S KIDS and Dr. Michael Marlowe’s extensive research, the relationship-driven classroom offers an alternative.

Presented in an easily readable format, the book provides the reader with a meaningful understanding of troubled students and how to teach them.


“This book goes into much more detail than others out there with the case studies to truly help teachers and the education community to recognize issues and how to address them with a whole perspective and not a selected one-side approach.

The major strengths of this book are the case studies and research behind building relationships in classroom environments. I enjoyed looking at the case studies and the myriad of methodology regarding discipline, identifying and overall management troubled students, and how to decrease disruptions.

The chapters have enough information to flow as an entire book, but can also stand alone which is ideal for professional development settings.”
(Tara Howell, AP Science Teacher, GATE Team Leader, and Science Department Chair 2012-04-25)

“This author has the experience and knowledge to be valid and relevant to classroom teachers.

The book’s strengths are the experience and knowledge of all the major methodologies tried in education over decades.

Just as one begins to pose a question in reference to a method or line of thought, the author brings it to light and answers the thought.

The author has done a good job of putting ‘method’ to relationship teaching and has the real life background references to authenticate what is said.”
(Sharon Jefferies, Teacher 2012-04-25)