Following this excitement was a small moment of sanity when I handed out brand-new hot-off-the-press copies of SILENT BOY to the hard-working organisers. In turn, I was presented with something very unusual - a sheep! (In case I should ever forget this event, albeit that I doubt even Alzheimer's could completely relieve me of it . . . !)

And THEN . . . just when I thought the fun couldn't get any more fun, they burst into song. Right there in the restaurant, further ensuring the guy behind us would need medical treatment. I mean, how special is this group? Not only do they raise 5000 for charity, they striptease and they songwrite.

And this I knew was an experience the rest of you just could not miss out on. So here is your chance to join us in celebrating the 2007 Sheep Walk:

The Sheep Walk Song

(It's hosted on my MySpace page, if for some reason this link doesn't work for you.)