I'm going to put up a few pictures from the meal. I won't put them all up, as we have a surprise for Lubey, so I wouldn't want to spoil it. And, if I can get it to work, we have a surprise coming for you too - probably later today.

But wanted to share a few pictures now of our fun.

The great news, of course, is that we did, after all, make our 5000 goal, once all the sponsor money was handed in and Robyn (thank you, Robyn!) did the accounting. There is still money to come, but we knew by then we really could celebrate the end of a great Sheep Walk.

We had our meal in a (very tolerant!) Italian restaurant in the middle of Carlisle town centre called Franco's. It was a bit dark and the part that wasn't a bit dark was against a window, so it was challenging taking good pictures, but you'll get the idea.

Here's about my best effort at a group photo:

While we were waiting for the meal, we took turns signing the Sheep Walk photo cards for all of you!

And then just some jolly pictures of everyone having a good time. Here's Robyn and Wonreka.

A lovely, cheery picture of Maggy

KatJ and Carline posing for someone else's picture, which was often the best way to catch some of the group!

More cheer from Hannah, Maggy and Kat. (Yes, that is my hand turning Hannah's face towards the camera. Lots of problems with that girl and looking the right way . . .)

Carla and Carline, again, posing for someone else!

The people who sat next to me or directly across from me seem to have been the only ones I didn't get decent pictures of. Here's Susan, which begs the question: Why is it always Susan who gets up to mischief in my pictures?

And because she was sitting next to me and against the light, Zoe missed out. Sorry, Zoe, this picture actually was the best one! (As I recall, it was a "Say 'Cheese'!" and snap, before anyone knew what was happening!

And then there was Hannah, sitting next to me on the other side, who kept pointing out I was never getting any nice pictures of her, Zoe and Susan. And to you, Hannah, I want to say, I tried!

First she was busy taking her own pictures:

Then Hannah really threw herself into the card signing activity:

And she kept signing:

And she kept signing:

And she was still working on her cards when the rest of us were getting decidedly jolly . . .

To Be Continued . . .

(Gang, let me know when Lubey gets her . . . um . . . 'present'.)