Here we are to Day 3 already. Bright and sunny and just the right temperature – about 15C/63F. I took this picture from my car, driving down to our meet-up point, which is just below that sharp crag in the distance.

We’re back to the hard-core walkers. Ann and her mum could only be with us a day and have returned to London. Val and her daughter have returned to Scotland. So, here we are, preparing for that last leg.

We are starting from Cawfields, which is a beautiful location:

And off we go. (Don't ask me what Carla is looking at!)

The heather here is just coming into full bloom. I can’t really do it justice with my dinky little point-and-snap camera, but I had to try.

Then back to going over stiles:

And, as we discover, back to up-close-with-livestock moments. A few of our intrepid crew are not quite so sure about this. For some reason, no one seemed reassured when I told them not to worry, the cows were all virgins.

But there isn’t much choice, so Carla bravely forges the way:

She then sneaks Wonreka by the next cow.

And guides Hannah past Cow 3.

A little look back at our cow-strewn path.

Actually, there was an interesting little anomaly I noticed regarding this whole Hadrian-s Wall-path-and-cow-thing. We would, for instance, go over/through a stile.

Proceed along a carefully fenced path, which, you notice, shows cows on the other side of the fence, giving the impression that this fence might be meant to contain people on one side and cows on the other.

At the point, however, that we reached the cows, there would then be another stile . . .

. . .with the sole purpose to let us in with the cows

(But, as you can see, the cows were pretty unbothered by all this!)

For those of you who have never had a chance to see ancient Roman handiwork a like this 1900-year-old wall, I thought you’d enjoy seeing the stonework up close:

And, again, I just can’t resist trying to photograph the heather, even in shadow.

Then comes the next big climb!

Which rewards us with a spectacular view:

(And if you are wondering how far we have come, see those three hills in the distance? We went over them yesterday!)

Then another stile:

And a nice walk along the top of this hill.

We’re about halfway, so there down in the valley, are our two sheepdogs, checking on the flock!

And there’s lots more to tell, of course, but I’m going to stop here for now, as I suspect that everyone would VERY much appreciate it, if I took a shower before appearing at tonight’s celebration meal!!