It’s all such a deceptively easy walk today . . .

Except for the stiles:

And more stiles (with Robyn demonstrating for us how to go over a stile without making your bum look big):

And more stiles

And even more stiles yet:

Then starts the animal part of this journey. How this part worked is that you would see some very interesting looking animal, such as here:

And the next thing you knew, you got to share the pasture with him.

We were (we mistakenly believed) about halfway by this point. Unfortunately the road never ran very close to the path today, so our two sheepdogs – Maggy and Carline – had to check on us from afar. There you see them in the far distance, doing their halfway check by semaphore to make sure we are well and managing:

Which we were. But this is the point where the terrain started to change. Gone were the stiles, gone were people’s gardens, gone were nice, smooth roads. And we started to climb:

The compensation for the steep climb were some spectacular views across Northumberland:

(Don't ask me why some of these pictures are so green. I mean, it was green up there, but this is ridiculous! Now on my home computer where I can adjust colouring, I've tried to adjust this but it only goes from bad to worse . . . so I'm leaving well enough alone. Suffice it to say, I was using a very small point-and-snap camera for all this photography.)

Then we thought we’d really landed in heaven. A tea shop just when we most needed a tea shop. We were about three miles along the way and at the end of a big climb, so a nice sit-down and a drink was just what was needed.

We didn’t even mind that it meant combining the joy of styles with the joy of ‘interesting-looking animal’ path sharing.