So here we are, Day 2. The weather isnít quite as bright and sunny as yesterday, but it is pleasantly warm and actually better weather for walking.

Today we have been joined by my publicist Ann, who also came on the Sheep Walk in Cornwall last year. With her is her mum, Sheila. THBB member Val from Scotland has also joined today, along with her daughter Dawn.

First there is the conference in the carpark about where the walk ends and Maggy and Carline will meet us. Actually, I jump back in my car and drive to the end of the walk to assure there is a car park and come back while everyone adjusts backpacks and gets ready.

Off we start. The first part of the walk is made memorable by stiles Ė stiles in all sizes and shapes and, many of which are going into peopleís gardens and out again!

And then the next stile:

Then we come to a well-preserved fort and enjoy a photo opportunity. That is Ann, my publicist, taking the picture. Many of you will remember Ann bravely getting drowned with us on the walk last year. The photographic subject down in the fort is Sheila, Annís very very brave mum for agreeing to be a member of this particular flock on this particular day!!

Then down across the river at the bottom.