Here we are at last – Sheep Walk 2007 underway! Here we are all in the carpark at Birdoswald, location of one of the major forts on Hadrian’s Wall. It’s on the western (Carlisle) end of the wall and we’ll be walking east.

We have a few 'stand-ins'. Fredgirl is traveling with us as Bananas the monkey. Then there is Lubey the Lamb and Sean, the NSPCC Bear. Here's Maggy helping make sure Sean gets into place.

We had to be ferried up to the actual start of the walk, which was at Banksend, 3 ˝ miles west of Birdoswald.

Thanks to Anneka and Bertus, here is a lovely picture of the first day's walkers as we take the very first steps on the NSPCC Sheep Walk 2007

From left to right in front:
Zoe, Robyn and me
Second row: Carla, Anneka, Wonreka and Hannah
Back row: Carline, KatJ, Susan and Maggy

And here we are, starting out on our way:

We couldn’t have asked for lovelier weather. Bright blue, cloudless skies and pleasantly warm but not hot temperatures and so we were off!

After 3 ˝ miles we came to Birdoswald, where Carline and Maggy met us (and I managed to go get my camera!) So now the pictures begin.

Reaching Birdoswald, it was time for a well-earned break

(From the left, that's Carline, Wonreka (on the other side) Carla, Susan petting the dog and Maggie)

Here is a chance to see all of us – and all of you! – who are coming along on the walk. Although don’t ask Kathryn to take pictures, if you actually want to be in them yourself, as you can tell here:

So, there you are Skye, Serendipiter, Damian and others. And it is me who is carrying you!

And here’s the whole gang:
Wonreka and her crew
(Carline is proving such a hard-working sheepdog that she deserves not to be teased anymore!)
Susan is thrilled!
And as always, Carla is paying no attention whatsoever.