On Tuesday, May 15th, a real cool thing is happening to me. The NSPCC is honouring is Judi Dench, Tracy Emin, Noel Edmonds, Carl and Michaela Forgarty, Nicholas Hoult and me for our significant contributions to children and the work of the NSPCC by inducting us all into the NSPCC Hall of Fame at the NSPCC's Annual Parlimentary Reception at the House of Commons.

I'll put pictures up when I get them, but for now, here is a link to Hall of Fame inductees from previous years: NSPCC Hall of Fame

In receiving this, I really owe a big thank you to so many members of the Torey Hayden message board, in particular, those who organised and helped carry out the wonderfully successful 2006 Sheep Walk and also to the many, many people the world over who have so generously supported my efforts for the NSPCC. So thanks to all of you. It's your award too!