You are going to be spared the other four photos. Trust me, you’re not missing anything at all. But the other awards of recognition went to:

Courtney, who managed to get the most sponsorship money of all of us: £242! And she received a whole box of American candy just for herself.

Maggy received a signed book in recognition of her hard work on the avatars (right up to the last minute) and also for her willingness to rent minibuses, drive long distances, collect people (and Toreyopoly games!) from all over the north of England and take responsibility for our youngest Sheep Walkers, including camping with them in a very wet field, so that they could attend.

Zoe received a signed book in recognition of her hard work with the photographs, including being willing to do it all at her own expense so that all the money could be donated to the NSPCC. It looks like our £5 registration fee is going to help cover the costs, but Zoe has been very generous with both her time and money.

And, last but certainly not least, Chelly, our “girl on the ground in Cornwall” without whom none of this would have gone as smoothly. Chelly planned walks, drove them, checked them out. She found accommodation for everyone at all ranges of prices, even though it was a bank holiday and Cornwall is such a major tourist area. She met everyone off their trains, planes and cars and made sure everyone was settled and if anything went wrong, she was the first person we called. And despite her own handicap, she came each day, shadowing us with her car and making sure that she was at all the check points along the way in case anyone needed help or couldn’t complete the walk. We really couldn’t have done it without you, Chell.

So, major thanks to these five very selfless people.

But just so we didn’t get too serious, it was at this point that Tola – completely randomly – announced that she had eaten ALL her Pop Rocks. And they have given her a blue tongue.

So, it seemed like a good time to crack out the rest of the American candy.

I passed one box to Maggy for the kids to eat in the minivan on the way home and another box to the people staying at the Longboat Hotel (which was just about everyone,) thinking they could take it back for a midnight feast.

But no. Even though we had had Pop Rocks, dinner and ice cream with dulce de leche, the boxes of candy came open, the Longboat Hotel bunch had their candy open in minutes. Chelly comes over to see what the other table is missing. Carline kindly shows her.

Zoe, Helene and Mikko get in the act, picking those little blue dot candies off their strip of paper.

And then . . . I’m afraid we found the candy cigarettes . . . American Flock, we’re holding you entirely responsible for corrupting Courtney. And Carline. And Lubey. And Susan . . . (Amazing how amusing adults can find candy cigarettes!)