Meanwhile, back at dinner. The traditional food in a meadery is "chicken on wood" - chicken served on a trencher and pulled apart and eaten with the fingers. This alarmed some of our rather better mannered European members, but it turned out that fortunately, those who ordered salad with their chicken got forks.

I was going to show you the nice food except unfortunately the bottles were already getting in the way.

Then when it came time for dessert, I asked the waitresses to bring us portions of plain vanilla ice cream (Cornish ice cream, made with Cornish clotted cream, I must add!) That's when I surprised everyone with my dulce de leche.

(Lisa, having just recovered from Pop Rocks, is a little alarmed at the prospect of another THBB treat.)

Lauren Jay has arranged a special surprise for THBB-er Victoria Janet, who has been very supportive of Lauren's efforts to come on the Sheep Walk. So while we are waiting for our ice cream, Lauren phones Victoria Janet in Argentina and I say hello.

While I was talking to Victoria Janet, I was getting hotter and hotter and JAF, who was sitting next to me picked up a menu and fanned me. I said, "Hey, thanks!" And she replied, without batting an eyelash, "Well, I am JustAFan, after all." Groan.

Then came the ice cream and the dulce de leche. It wasn't quite as nice and brown as it should be - blame it on my cantankerous Aga - but it was greatly enjoyed. (Although you wouldn't actually know it from this picture. Indeed, we've even managed to wipe the smile off Mark's face.)

Only Susan was a dulce de leche party-pooper. Ewwww. She couldn't scrape it off her ice cream fast enough.

As we finished the meal, we were finally coming to the time to say thank you to everyone who has contributed so much time and effort in making this such a wonderful event. To each person I gave a specially signed copy of BEAUTIFUL CHILD (which was meant to be really special, as it isn't released yet, but then WH Smith and HarperCollins couldn't resist putting it out on Saturday, but that's another tale.) Anyway, first up was Carline who has single-handedly managed the t-shirts, buying them, printing them, getting them out to everyone on time and fighting hard with the printers to get us a really good price.

I, of course, want to show you pictures of this. And Photo Lady herself was in charge of my camera. Unfortunately, what followed were perhaps the five worst pictures JAF has ever taken (not her fault, I must add, nor that of the camera. I suspect the subject . . . ) But they are so bad, in fact, that you are not going to get to see a couple of them, and will just have to take my word that I thanked these other people.

So here we have Carline more interested in her menu than me; Lubey shying away, Susan driven to drink, all possibly because I have chosen this moment to burst into song. This has a galvanizing effect on other diners, who develop flame-throwing eyes.

And next comes Susan's book. Susan has taken care of all the financial aspects of the Sheep Walk, including registration, sending out and collecting all the sponsor forms and toting up our final figure.

So, here we have Susan, who has perhaps not washed after the Sheep Walk, as Lubey shies even further away and I can't face her. And the lady with the flame-throwing eyes begins to pray.