So, time for the celebration meal. And as with everything else, Chelly has endeavoured to give us a special Cornish experience, so we are eating in a "meadery" - where food is served and mead is drunk. Mead is a kind of honey wine which was much loved in medieval times but has more or less died out as a drink in the rest of Britain and, indeed, the rest of the world. But it's still very popular in Cornwall and there are several meaderies in Penzance.

These were very, very brave people to take on the Sheep Walkers but they did their best to accommodate us. We were seated at two very large tables.

Here's Table One, the normal table, where people chatted and looked at menus:

And here's Table Two, where Maggy sat. Maggy was really getting into her Pop Rocks experience by this point and had worked her way onto other facial orifices, which had pretty much mesmerized the rest of the table. I and my camera weren't much competition. Except for Veronica, who was pretty keen on those Pop Rocks too. And worldly Mark, who had seen it all before.

Pop Rocks gone at last, Maggy recovered enough to present me with the very special Monopoloy game Sean had made to keep everyone amused on the long drive down to Penzance.

And this is really clever. I've taken some pictures of it this morning so that you can better see the detail.

(Although I am a little alarmed to see Hayden Towers is worth less than the Cat Chat on the message board!!)

Then Courtney had a little something for me too.

And doesn't it look great sitting on the dresser in my hotel?