Mikko is certain he is man enough for this experience and knocks his Pop Rocks back. (Note Helene standing next to him, thinking “Just wait.”)

And then they hit.

Carol and Rachel are two more local Cornish THBB members and they have spent the last three days telling us all about the local area and its treats, so it is nice to be able to give them a treat too. As you can see, they both really enjoyed their Pop Rocks. . .

Meanwhile the rest of the gang has gone on into the restaurant and been seated. But no, they are not going to escape the great Pop Rock Tasting Experience.

Carline, Lubey and Susan just love Pop Rocks.

Courtney thought she liked them. Then they started popping.

Maggy and Sarah . . . well, Sarah’s young. She did just fine. Mainly because, she was too transfixed by Maggy’s reaction. Maggy was quickly ready to move to Pop Rocks Level Two: Other Orifices. But at least she kept her teeth in. Which has not always been the case.

Chelly showed the typical Cornishwoman’s reaction to Pop Rocks. Like Carol and Rachel, she just loved them.

And last but not least came Veronica and Mark. Mark’s a musician and, like Tola, has mastered illegal substances. So they went down with a smile. Veronica is another of our THBB-ers from Argentina, now living in England. During the walk I had been helpfully teaching her new English words like “dog poo”. When she didn’t quite learn fast enough, there were negative consequences. So Veronica was rather uncertain about this next helpful experience of mine, but like a good THBB-er she just kept smiling through it all.