The Celebration Meal

And now weíre almost to the end. Our last activity is the meal to celebrate completing our sponsored walk and also to celebrate what has been just such an astonishing, amazing experience together. So thereís going to be lots of pictures. How fast I manage to get them up is another matter.

But hereís the first lot, because now it is finally time to crack out all the THBB food experiences. And, of course, pride of place is the Pop Rock Experience. Most of the members on the Sheep Walk have never, ever tried Pop Rocks, so when the American members alluded to our now famous (and deleted!) conversation about Pop Rocks (and interesting places you can put them!) most of the non-US members didnít have a clue what was being talked about. So the American Flock kindly supplied us with Pop Rocks for the Sheep Walk and tonight I passed them out.

I started in the foyer of the restaurant, as we were waiting to be seated.

Carla volunteered to go first. Quite an experience!

Then Robyn and Lauren Jay. Robyn, coming from Canada, knew all about Pop Rocks, so she's good. Lauren got a bit of surprise.

Then on to the Europeans. Lisa bravely goes first. And goes a little wild-eyed.

Tola, meanwhile, has been telling me that once upon a time Sweden had a candy like Pop Rocks but it is now illegal. She goes ahead and tries the Pop Rocks, hey, whatís the big deal? Tola clearly knows all about illegal substances.

Heleneís up next. Ermmmmm . . .

Zoe . . . well, Zoe is just overcome.

JAF is sceptical, so Robyn shows her how itís done.

JAF gamely tries. And gamely manages to keep them in her mouth.