The person we are missing is Maggy. Iíve been concerned about Maggy because she developed breathing problems on the first leg of the walk. Chelly has been following parallel to us in the car and so offered to pick her up at any point, but Maggy said she had her inhaler and she was determined she was going to complete the whole thing. At the car park, when we stopped for a rest, Maggy did say she might have to take it quite slowly and not to wait for her, but this is rather different to losing a member of the party altogether. I am now concerned because the group has all been walking pretty close together since I joined (being a good shepherd and all that) and last time Iíd looked, Maggy was there. So, Iím worried she may be in trouble, particularly as it appears everyone else has come in. Thatís Then someone reassures me that Tola is with her. As Tola is our first aid person, I reckon Iíll give it a few minutes before going back to find them.

So we wait.

And we wait.

And at last Tola and Maggy come into view:

I am feeling great relief until Maggy and Tola start to regale us with what they were really doing that put them so far behind Ė blackberrying!!!

And so ended our third and final walk (with everyone still in thrall to Maggy and Tola's excited tales of blackberries!) and we prepared to be ferried back to the cars in the starting car park.