Then we see a car park in the distance and everyone assumes thatís the car park, as the walk is feeling a bit long and hot by now, but thereís no Chelly waiting for us midst the parked cars. Consulting the the instructions, we realise we still have about a mile to go, so we sit down and have a rest and wait for everyone to catch up.

Then off we go, peering and walking again (with Lubey striding purposefully forward)

And the views continue to be breath-taking:

Finally, thereís the right car park and (if you look closely) the sheepdogs sitting on the railing, waiting for us.

The first lot come in. Thatís JAF (You notice that I have learned to shepherd Photo Lady right to the front of the flock) Veronica (and Sheashea, now well-behaved), Mark and Mikko. (If you want focused walkers, get guys. Iíve decided this.)

Soon the second lot are there. (I will make no comment on Susanís hunched posture and crossed legs in this picture nor say what Helene, who took pity on her kindly did.)