So, on we went. As it turned out, not only did I get a late start but everyone in general had. The traffic was bad to the drop-off point for the start of the walk and that delayed some; others had been late getting away from Penzance and so forth, so we were walking later in the morning than on the other two walks. And for the first time we actually had serious sun. It wasn’t hot – still only 22C – but the August sun is hot whenever it comes out and we were approaching midday, so the sun cream was coming out and we were feeling the heat. This was also our longest walk. Day One fell short of five miles, Day Two was five miles and the idea was that we’d be ‘broken in’ for the longest walk of the three on Day Three. I must say that this was very much the most beautiful walk and quickly became the favourite for almost everyone (although, admittedly, Day One would have been just as beautiful, had we actually been able to see it!)

Anyway, this is to say, there was a lot of walking. (That’s Veronica and her husband Mark)

There was also a lot of peering over the cliffs, as the view was so spectacular. (That’s Robyn peering):

And more walking (That’s Robyn, Lubey and Tola just ahead.)

And more peering (Lubey, this time)

And walking and peering (and removing stones from shoes)

It’s during all this walking and peering that Sheashea gets a little antsy and takes off by herself. Fortunately, Veronica notices. This is possibly because this is Veronica’s first day of walking, so she is a little brighter than the rest of us. She rescues Sheashea from a gorse bush, and as obviously Sheashea isn’t being shepherded properly, we decide Veronica better take over this task.