This appears to simply have been a disaster-prone day, as when we were all together at last, I got to hear about everyone elseís escapades. Lisa from Sweden, who had negotiated the roughest rocks at Landís End on Friday went afoul of the stairs in her hotel last night. Fortunately, sheís all right but very stiff and sore, so it wasnít a good idea that she join us. Sarah also had to leave today. Happily, however, Lubey was able to stay walk with us today, but she and Zoe and Susan had had a rather good time celebrating this change of circumstance last night and some folks were a little worse for wear this morning . . .

This meant there had been a great deal of shifting around of who was carrying whose avatar and Robyn was quite insistent you would want to know about this. So, if you find yourself with a new person today, it could be Robyn, who looks like this:

Or Lubey (note the friendly hands keeping her upright.)


Then at last we were off, shepherd included.

The scenery around the coast of Cornwall is just so incredibly beautiful that even I kept playing Photo Lady.

The path is, however, right along the cliff edge. (Thatís Maggy and Veronica stopping to admire the view.)

And the cliffs are VERY high. That speck down there is a proper commercial fishing boat!

Where the path went inland a bit, there were gorgeous fields of blooming heather interspersed with gorse (the yellow).

And for you who have not seen wild heather up close, a special picture: