Day Three

Day Three got off to a problematic start. Or rather, Day Two ended that way, because the internet access went down in my hotel. (I will say here I’m staying in the most marvelous little hotel in Penzance – only six bedrooms –with the nicest, most helpful staff imaginable, but the internet access is a little quirky. I can only get it via wireless when sitting in the very tiny entranceway of the hotel and no one actually knows whose I’m using!) Anyhow, it went down last night and so I couldn’t lift any of yesterday’s pictures until today. However, it also meant I did not have access to the information about where the walk was starting today. In other words, I didn’t have a clue where to go!

On Friday night, Chelly had provided everyone with copies of directions to the three walks but I had not taken one at the time and had been getting the directions directly from her, as we were coming in a different car from everyone else. But I forgot to do this after the walk yesterday. So, I went to phone Chelly and discovered that the piece of paper I’d written her and Maggy’s phone numbers on had got wet during the Friday walk and the ink had run. I then spent about 30 minutes standing out in the street in front of the hotel (because the reception for my phone service is crap in Penzance!) trying to access the message board on my mobile phone, because I knew I’d posted at least the general location of the walk. What fun THAT was!. Yes, I discovered, my phone does access ordinary websites just fine. However, I wasn’t logged in on the message board and couldn’t get the phone to open the next page of topics to get to where I thought the list was. So I logged in (arduously using my keypad) and the effect that had was to massively increase the size of the print, so that I could only see about two words at a time on my phone screen.

Yada, yada, yada. Suffice it to say that I spent a lot of frustrating time and had no success. Finally I resorted to trying to decode the running ink on the paper where I’d written down the numbers. Tried what I thought was Chelly’s and got some answering service. Kept trying, got what I hoped was her voicemail, but not Chelly. So I tried Maggy. AT LAST! Maggy answered. However, she was just parking and trying to talk to the guy at the ticket booth at the same time. And of course, she didn’t really know where she was, so she couldn’t give me directions! But I asked her to have Chelly phone me when they finally met up.

A long way around to saying that I missed the first third of the walk, as I did not want to make everyone very late. Chelly told me to come to the Hellmouth, a local beauty spot where the path everyone was walking would meet up with a small car park and café. So, at long last I got there and got to join the waiting crew of Chelly, Lauren Jay and Carline.

The weather is bright and sunny with some clouds (which unfortunately never came over the sun, so it was actually just about too warm.) So we had spectacular views of the Cornish coast. Chelly pointed out where we should be able to see the walkers coming, as the path comes down over the far distant hill and then up over the near hill in the picture.

So, we waited. And waited. And waited. Then one lone figure came into view.

Robyn must have eaten her Wheaties this morning, because it was she, power walking down the hill all on her own, miles ahead of everyone else.

So we waited for the rest of them.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Finally Mikko and Helene came into view.

Then we waited for the rest.

And waited.

And waited.

At last we started to see some numbers.

Clearly this was a group in need of a shepherd, because then we waited and waited some more. But they did come eventually. And last but not least, Photo Lady crests the hill.