Meanwhile, I shepherd the five-mile walkers back to Penzance.
That’s Susan, Carla, Lubey and Maggy ahead of me.

And finally we arrive back in the car park in Penzance where we started.

Susan is on the left, Val, behind her, Lauren Jay (who wasn’t able to walk today because of her bee/wasp allergies), Maggy, Bados and Milly. Milly’s amazing. She has done both walks very cheerfully (and more energetically than most of us!) So Michalin can be very proud of being chosen to “walk” with Milly

But the day’s not over, because this afternoon is the book-signing, which is being held at WH Smith in Penzance. And Ann informs us that something really special is happening. Even thought BEAUTIFUL CHILD is not due to be released in Britain until September 4th, they have decided to debut it here at WH Smith in Penzance and it will be on sale here and here only for today.

And what a reception! We are met by Gary, the manager of the shop and the staff are simply lovely. As Ann and I arrive, we see the queue!

So, now at last Ann, on the left, gets to do her real job. And so do I!

(Note Tinker's t-shirt being drafted in to act as a sign for our NSPCC donation basket. So it is, when there are no printers around!)

So I sign

(and our crowd waits patiently in the background)

And I sign: