Once the pictures were taken, we were off again. (Thatís Mikko, Susan and Helene in front and some poor, hapless walker going the other way through our flock.)

Chelly and Sharing meet us in a car park along the way (photographer photographing the photographer!)

This is because Carline is walking for two these days, so Chelly, ever kind and well-organized, made sure she was doing okay with the walk. Happily for us, Carline and Courtney, seven, did great and completed the entire five miles. (And no, I don't think Carline is really whistling a happy tune in this picture . . .)

Indeed, Courtney took a moment out to show us how foxy she is.

Very conveniently, the halfway point where we were to turn around and start back, had an ice-cream shop!!

And when the staff inside found out we were doing a sponsored walk for the NSPCC, they gave us a generous donation. Unfortunately, I didnít get their names, but if you're reading this, thanks so much, girls!

Then the walkers who were intending to do the eight miles to St. Michaelís Mount and back left us.

And hereís their destination, still almost two miles off