OK, weíre off. Here we are starting properly, leaving the car park near Penzance train station.

First we have to go down a narrow concrete walkway alongside the railway line.

(Thatís JAF just ahead of me with Courtney in the distance, as well as Robyn, who is skipping with joy at the prospect of an eight mile walk.)

Us more stolid citizens follow up the rear. Thatís Charlie, Annís friend, on the left, then me, then Ann from HarperCollins. In back are Sarah and Carla.

And to show you Carlineís cleverly designed t-shirts. Mine says ĎIím shepherd of the flockí. All the members of the board who are sponsored walkers have t-shirts saying ĎIím one of the flockí and everyone else, including Ann and Charley have t-shirts saying ĎIím a sheepdog, caring for the flockí.

Finally we start to get out into the country. (Thatís Lisa, then Charley and Ann and Carla in back.)

Finally we go down on the beach and a break. Thatís St. Michaelís Mount in the background, which is where the eight-mile walkers are going.

(Thatís Sarah on the left, Carla, Robyn and Maggy.)

JAF decides this is a great place for a picture, with Penzance as a background. This isnít our official group photo, as Sharing, Lauren Jay and Chelly arenít walking, but we all decide we want photos too. Since Ann isnít a member of the board, I ask her if she will take a picture of all of us together so that we can get everyone in. Unfortunately, Ann proves that while she is a very game publicist, she is not cut out for a photography career, as she points the camera the wrong way . . .

Ah, but a little persistence and it all pays off.

From left to right in back: Mikko, Carline, Carla, Lisa, me, Charlotte, Rachel, Sarah, Maggy, Carol, JAF, Charley, and Zoe.
In front: Val, Lubey, Courtney, Robyn, Susan, Lisa and Tola.