And walking with Robyn are Milly, TiredArtist, Sabzina, Skye and Heidi. And Heidi was another one to have a breeding avatar, so she’s there, twice as nice!! (And yes, that is THAT fox-eared hat, 25+ years old, taken out of mothballs just for the event!) In front of us is Carline’s daughter Courtney, whose own name tag bred in the night to give her two. And in back, Lisa and our much-bedecked Tola, looking very pleased with herself!


And now we’re ready to set off.

Waving us off is Chelly. I’ve got to put her in here somewhere, not only for her skill in sending us off into the mist yesterday in the wrong direction, but also for the fact that she has almost single-handedly organized our stay in Penzance, sorting out accommodation for everyone, meeting everything off planes, trains and other forms of transport, arranging a place for our celebration dinner, meeting us at the far end of our walks to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time and otherwise making sure the Sheep Walk runs smoothly.

So thumbs up, Chell!

Stay tuned for more. I have a depressingly slow computer when it comes to editing the pictures and an internet connection that goes off at a certain time each night, so I will try to get more up tonight. We have lots more to share!