Walking with Susan (who also vanished at this point, so I will get her picture tomorrow!) are Jessie, S-ter and Karenjet

Walking with Val (another member who did a disappearing act at this point) are Kelly and Claire.

Walking with Sarah are Sheashea and IceBlazingFire.

Walking with Helene are Moptop and Cheryl.

Walking with Mikko are Amber and Kate.

Walking with Carol (on the left) is Shrew, JenniferC and Amanda87 and walking with Rachel (on the right) was GrAnnie, Cindy and Daffodil.

Walking with Lisa are Heather Danette, Sara604 and Helene, who has one of the breeding avatars and so is walking with Tola too!

Tola has won the “Miss Popularity” title, by carrying most of Scandinavia on her chest and a bit of the rest of the world as well. Walking with Tola are Linda, Helene, Maria, Muikku (who is still spelled Miukku!) Imon, Phlop, Alex LaChausette and Sirja.

JAF made a good run for the “Miss Popularity” title however, by carrying most of Italy on her chest. Walking with JAF are Massimo, Cinzia, Jes, Levana and FriendofAslan and Firefly, all of whom she made into a lovely necklace.

I’m afraid there was a rather unseemly tug-of-war over Menina until we realized she had one of the breeding avatars. So Menina walked with both Tola and JAF.

My HarperCollins publicist, Ann, was very kindly sponsored by Victoria Janet. So as Lauren Jay couldn’t walk today, Victoria Janet walked with Ann.