Day Two

Things look much better today. This is much more the way Penzance should look. It’s bright with some cloud and about 20C/64F.

Today is the beach walk. We are walking around the bay from Penzance to Malazion, but last night Ann, my publicist, was out investigating things and discovered that the tides will be just right for walking out to St. Michael’s Mount, which is an island in the bay which has a dramatic castle on it. (Here’s a little more information: St. Michael's Mount )
St. Michael’s Mount is accessed by a causeway, which means you can only walk out at low tide, but these conditions were exactly right for the time of our walk. So we decided we’d all walk the five miles together but those who wanted to could continue on to St. Michael’s Mount, an additional three miles. Ann (our sheepdog!) took charge of the St. Michael’s Mount group and I shepherded the others back to Penzance. This is because today is the book-signing, and we decided it would probably be better for Ann to be the one stranded by the tide, if it came to that, than me. I don’t think WHSmith, the bookseller hosting the signing would have appreciated that!

So, here’s our walk. All the way around the bay. The five-mile walkers stop at the village just visible on far left in the distance. The eight-mile walkers continue on to the island you see in the distant right.

And here’s everyone, gathering in the car park:

But first it is time to get all of you out of your plastic bag so you can come along.

First, I must apologise if some of you find yourself “going along” with someone you didn’t expect. I had a master list at home on my computer there and forgot to transfer it to my laptop, so I didn’t have all the original names. Also, we have had some changes, as some people like S-ter couldn’t make it after all. Other people are walking some days and not others for various reasons, so some days they carry. Some days they’re carried. And mysteriously, a few people’s avatar buttons seemed to breed in the bag and suddenly there were two. So if you find you went along with two people, just know you have one of these miraculous avatars! But I did try to match everyone up with the person they wanted to “carry” them, if possible, and we made a few creative decisions as well.

So, here we are with today’s crowd:

Walking with Carla are KathrynS, Ayngel and Tinkerbell.

Walking with Bados are Chloe, Catrina and Boots
And Bados’ foster daughter, game little five-year-old Milly (whom we can’t picture) is carrying Michalin

Walking Maggy are Sean, Vixen, Lauren Jay and Pam (and you can just see how pleased Maggy is about this!)

Walking with Lubey are Jennyren, Joe Cool, Rima, Sheryl and KathrynJ (But Lubey herself has managed to vanish off my camera. We'll catch up with her later.)