Day One

And unfortunately when I got up this morning, it looked like this: Yup. Rain. Not horrible pouring rain, just drizzle (just very, very British rain.)

But that doesnít deter the shepherd and her flock. Here we are, ready to start.[img] [/img] (Iím going to make some mistakes on names, but I will correct them as I go along. From the left, itís me, Lubey, Robyn, canít tell whoís in back, then Carla, Lauren, Sarah, JAF, Charlotte, Lisa, Rachel, Mikko, Helene, and Tola.)

Today we walked from Landís End to Sennan Cove and back. We sort of cheated on the miles, Iím afraid. Not intentionally. It was only when we got to Landís End that I realised that no one walking with us actually knew where we were going! (Chelly has a lot to answer for, I fear. She has been a paragon of organization and help, but little did I know that she was doing this all as a mad scheme to lose 20 people at Landís End.) After a mad scramble to find the route Chelly had put up on the site (thanks to Bados, who even laminated it) and an Ordnance Survey map (thanks to Maggy, who thought to buy one) and Chelly, who pointed us in the right direction, we were off. .

Except Chelly didnít point us in the right direction. Baa-baa-baa, my mobile rings and it is Chelly telling us she sent us the wrong way!. And then off we go into the mist, the right way: Thatís Ann, my publicist fromHarperCollins in front (very different to her usual author work, Iím sure!), Carla, Sarah, further back are Susan, Zoe, and Bados with Milly, whoís five. Milly was amazing. She happily walked the entire way and kept up well with all of us.

Notice, we have one member of the group who lags. This is Photo Lady (otherwise known as JAF) and it is a good thing she posted that picture of herself so you could recognize her, as otherwise, like a rare bird, she never gets close enough. Iím expecting some masterpieces of mist from this.(That's Sarah, Lauren Jay, Carla, and Robyn nearest.)

At last we reach Sennan Cove. I failed to realise we were suppose to walk to the other end of the beach to make our five miles, so we stopped in the village for a break. And here comes Maggy, Carline and Courtney out of the teashop to greet our soggy, dripping group and tell us they have just been eating the loveliest cakes. (Note how excitedly Maggy runs toward us to tell us about the cakes.)(You will be happy to hear no homicide was committed!)

And we pose for a group picture. From left to right:
JAF (with camera!) Sharing, Rachel, me, Mikko, Helene, Robin, Lubey, Sarah, Zoe, Ann(from HarperCollins, looking away from the camera), Susan, Carla, Lauren (Lisa, Charlotte and Bados in back, deep in discussion over something) Tola (looking very pleased with herself) and Maggy.