Because of the bad earthquake in 1923 and, even more so, because of the bombings in World War II, very little of "old" Tokyo still exists. However, in this area where the soba restaurant is, a few traditional buildings still stand.


And here is an old smoked eel shop with a quaint front:


We are walking back from the soba restaurant to my publishing house and I can not help but stop and take a picture of this shop making tofu. Because it is a warm day, they have slid the panels back and the tofu tanks (in front on the left) are close to the pavement. (And if you look very closely at the back, you will see the family dog watching me from his comfy bed!)


Finally back to work. More interviews. The first is with Yuki Sato from Mainichi newspaper. (I'm drinking cold coffee, for those of you wondering!)


The final interview is with Mr. Kanda Ishida from Yomuiri newspaper and we didn't get pictures, which is a pity, as Mr. Ishida was one of the first people to interview me the very first visit back in 1998. So we spend much time reminiscing!

So all my work is now done in Japan.

The very last thing is dinner with Mr. Hayakawa, my publisher. He is a very special man and I have enjoyed being one of his authors for almost ten years now.

His wife Yoko was going to join us for dinner in the very exclusive French restaurant in the basement of the Hayakawa Shobo building, but unfortunately she wasn't feeling well, so it was just Mr. Hayakawa and me and we began the meal very sedately.


As the evening wore on, we talked more and more about what we both know best: BOOKS!! Look how happy and relaxed we have ended up, surrounded by what has brought us together!!


And then it is the end. This is always the sad time. Yuri rides out to Narita, Tokyo's big international airport with me. We cry a little and talk about the next visit, which I hope will be soon. And she snaps the last picture as I go off towards security and the passengers-only area.

(And for the moment, that picture doesn't want to show up!)

And that ends what as been just such a really fantastic visit to Japan.