Finally it is the last day. I have more interviews again in my hotel in the morning and a TV program for Channel 4 called "Kalla fakta". Unfortunately, the interviewer Mr. Petterson was very ill with flu, so we were not able to do this one.

And then at lat our other big event, the book-signing at Akademibkhandln in central Stockholm. Akademibkhandln i Sweden's biggest booktore and it is HUGE!! I will be giving my talk and signing books in amongst huge stacks of books, a they are just preparing for their big annual book sale.

Everyone from my publisher, Natur och Kultur, were there. Here together are two of my very most special people on this tour of Sweden: Jeanette on the left, me and Jenny, my publicist on the right.


And we are "backtage" again at the bookshop. This is Ingewar, the person from Akademibkhandln who has organized things for us there. (And no, I am not smoking! I'm signing more books!)


(I see I haven't managed to lift the picture to the net of the booksigning itself - we'll have to wait and I will add it in.)

And last, but not least, here is our little THBB reunion at the end of the book-signing with Swedish members Tola, Sofia and Lexius.


I had a wonderful time in Sweden. It is such a lovely, friendly country. This time we made many plans for me to come back and next time I hope to spend some time in Swedish schools, which I would like very much. So I will look forward to that.