Tuesday morning and it was back to work. And back to more interviews sitting in my "working room" at the hotel, just as the day before.

Afternoon on Tuesday was exciting. My publishers, Natur och Kultur, have decided to make an audio book of TWLIGHT CHILDREN. This will be the first proper audio book ever may of my adult books. There have been in versions for the blind before and THE VERY WORST THING is a children's audio book, but none of my main books have been done in this format.

As this is Jeanette's department at the publishing house, she met me for lunch and took me to one of the most special restaurants in Stockholm, the Gondolan. Here is a picture from the outside, which lets you know immediately why it is special. Yes, it is right up there in that long arm out to the the clock tower!!


As you can imagine, the view is fantastic and where I was sitting, I had a very enjoyable time watching the ferry from Helsinki arrive and dock below me (and hoping you were on it, Sari!)

It is also a very high quality restaurant with a proud chef, so we have a real gourmet meal!

There were four of us at the meal - Jeanette, who is across from me, her daughter Nina, who is sitting next to Jeanette, and Susanna Lundbladh, who is sitting next to me. Nina is going to be a very important person to us here because she is going to be our translator. (If Tinker ever catches up!!) She is in the process of producing a Swedish version of this website. Susanna is "me" in that she is going to be the actress reading TWILIGHT CHILDREN for the audio book. I got to hear a little bit of what she has already done and it's wonderful. She has a lovely dark, quiet, calming voice. Just right!


And back to work. Jeanette decided that the audio book would sound best if I would read an introduction myself and also read the epilogue, so that listeners could also hear my voice. I wasn't very excited about this, because I do not like reading aloud, but . . . !!

Fortunately, the audio studios are manned by three very funny, very great guys who had us all laughing so hard I needed to do many takes. But we had a good time.

Here's me, trying not to make a mess of things!


And me still shut away, still trying not to make a mess of things!! (Don't ask me what that candle is all about!)


And at last we were done. Tonight I have the Kulturhuset appearance. This is the centrepiece of my visit to Sweden - the real reason I have been invited - so Jeanette and I decided to walk back to my hotel through the old city as a way of relaxing and getting some fresh air before all the excitement.

Stockholm is a very beautiful city and the old part, most of which dates from the 1600s and 1700s is lovely.

Here is one of the old streets near the castle:

And this is looking across one of the many harbours!