Meanwhile, back to the proper order of things . . .

At my farewell dinner, we stood together for one last photo:


Most of these are the very important people responsible for making these last two weeks possible - the Mizan and Qanita staff. (Mizan is a publishing group, like HarperCollins and Qanita is the imprint of my books, like Avon)

Front row: Mr. Faisal Motik,(an important entrepeneur in Indonesia), Ms. Erly, (my fixer!), Mr. Teguh (Mizan's graphic designer, who took all the photos that appear on the promotional material and also designed the backdrops), and Mr. Novel (vice President of Mizan Group)

Second row: Mr. Rudi (Ms. Erna's husband, also one of Mizan's marketing managers), Mr. Haidar Bagir,(my publisher) Mr. Amar (head of promotion)Mr. Ahmad Baiquni (Deputy General Manager)

Third row: Ms. Maria (another Qanita editor associated with my work), Ms. Soefi (a promotion staff), Tutu, (my editor) Butet's mother, Ms Hughes, "the Lady in Green" [Wink] , Ms. Butet (the Forest People's teacher), Ms. Rista (of the Mizan personnel dept.), Ms. Erna, and Ms. Diaz (an assistant editor).