Where to start now? So much has happened in such a short time.

After doing press interviews all morning, I left Jakarta on Friday to travel to Bandung. This was rather exciting as I was to travel all by myself by plane while my "minders" and helpers traveled by train! I said I would love to go by train too, because I want to see the Javanese countryside, but it is a four-hour journey and takes too long. So I needed to fly. Alone!

Going behind the security and trying to find my way around the Halim airport alone was a pretty interesting experience! But I managed. There were many planes on the tarmac - 737s, 727s, and the like and I was trying to guess which one was going to Bandung. Well . . . we were put on a bus and taken to a completely different part of the airport and here is our plane:
This was a rather different plane than I had flown in before! And I had the first seat, right behind the pilot! Once we chased the mosquitoes off and everyone got on board - it was a very full plane too! - off we went and in fact, it was all very sophisticated. We were served drinks and a nice snack and the flight was very smooth. Except for the mosquitoes, which rode along too!

When I arrived in Bandung, my editor Ms. Tutu, took me to lunch in a wonderful restaurant with a koi pond right in the center of the open atrium.

Here we are, ready to go in.

After lunch, I went to visit my publishing house, which is in Bandung, not Jakarta. They are called Mizan and the imprint for my books is Qanita.

Here is the outside of the offices (you can just see the Mizan symbol on the red wall on the left):

I met the staff who have worked so hard on my books here. We all had refreshments (the Indonesians are VERY hospitable! And they love snacks!)

Here is a picture of the Mizan staff altogether with me (and a lot of books to sign!)