Monday morning and I went out in the far suburbs of Jakarta to visit SDLB Lenteng Agung, a state school for special children. They take children with many different disabilities - autism, hearing loss, blindness, severe emotional disturbance, cerebral palsy and mental retardation. It is in one of the poorer areas of Jakarta and they struggle hard for services, but Mr. Wachid, the director, showed me a school with a wonderful atmosphere and hard-working staff and children. I enjoyed this visit very much. It reminded me incredibly of the school where I taught Sheila and it was hard not want to join the staff right then myself!

Here is a picture of us all at the school: on the left is one of the teachers, then me, Mr. Wahid and Ms Alin, from Lazuardi, who served as my interpreter. In front of several of the children who attend the school.