This side was very beautiful too.

We then went right along the river.
Alex in front, Robyn, Andreas

And then we came across the most extraordinary thing – two large fallen logs into which people had pressed hundreds and hundreds of coins. Many of them were very, very old – old money from before decimalization – and had corroded to where they were not very recognizable.

Natural hooligans that we all were, we immediately wondered if they came out. Hannah thought we could put them in the charity collection tin. Andreas actually got one out. But we’re not really hooligans, so he stuck it back in the tree trunk!

The money tree was very near the end of our walk. We were back at Tarr Steps. So we posed for one last photo together.

First row, left to right: Lubey, Carline, Kate and Hannah, sitting down.
Second row: Corinna, Kirsten, Hannah C., Debbie, Robyn and me.
Back row: Andreas, Alex and Rachael.

Because it was so late, due to our mishap meeting up, Kate and I both had to leave at this point, because she was already supposed to be in Exeter teaching a class and I was supposed to be in Barnstaple. The rest of the walkers stopped at the lovely old pub run by the National Trust just above Tarr Steps and had lunch. (You can see Tarr Steps in the distance.)
Carline, Hannah, Rachael, Alex and Robyn on the left, Lubey, Andreas and Corinna on the right.

And that was it. Sheep Walk 2014 in North Devon was at its close. A big thank you to everyone who supported us, and to everyone who helped organize the trip and contributed to making it the great event it was!