Then the waiting started to get a bit old. Carline, Kate, Alex and I amused ourselves telling gross childbirth stories. Andreas wasnít quite as taken with this topic and amused himself on his signalless phone.

Meanwhile, the others were coming off the moors and starting to wend their way through little lanes. (Debs and Hannah in back. Corinna and Lubey in front.)

We found some tadpoles. Alex, in particular, was worried because dogs cavorting in the water nearby kept trampling through them, but the tadpoles seemed to cope. We checked on them several times to make sure.

We waited.

And waited . . .

And waited . . .

You might not use as much energy waiting as you do walking, but trust me, it is still pretty challenging to do, especially as we had already had a long wait before I met up with the others. Rather small things began to take on great levels of excitement. In our case, it was cars fording the river.

I will not bore you with sixteen pictures of various cars doing this, like I did on Facebook, because probably one car doing it looks pretty much like another car doing it to you. There is no way to adequately convey just how exciting this is when otherwise you are staring at a stone bridge. But here is another one, just in case.

Meanwhile, the other walkers went through a cow pasture and a farmyard and looked at kittens.

We looked at the bridge. Admittedly, it was an interesting bridge. You donít see a 3000-year-old bridge every day.

And then at last! The others arrived!
Andreas, Kirsten, Rachael, Kate, Carline, Lubey, Hannah, Debs, Hannah C. and Robyn. (Very fortunately little Milly went to visit her grandma on this last day and Jude decided to stay back in Lynton, as she gets very car sick and didnít think the 40-minute drive over winding roads to get to Exmoor would be much fun. So they missed out on all our exciting Day 3 mishaps.)

So we finally set off across Tarr Steps ourselves as a complete group again.
Alex in the lead, then me, Robyn behind me. Some incredulous tourists at the end, glad to see the back of us!

Corinna, Hannah C, Lubey, Carline (delirious with happiness to be doing more than staring at the bridge) Hannah, Debbie, Rachael, Kate, Robyn, me and Alex.