Ah, and now we come to our traditional celebration meal. On previous Sheep Walks, we had this on the last evening after all the walking was finished. Our days were a little differently arranged this time, however, so that the last walk was on Monday and most people needed to get home straight after for work commitments. So we decided to have our celebration meal on Sunday night at a restaurant called Pasta and Pizza in Lynton. This sounded like a good option and it was a lovely, attractive place. However . . .

It seems they were not accustomed to dealing with groups as large as ours, as well as other customers, and this seems to have thrown the owner and his waitress into a complete tizzy. Kate, when she went up to order a drink at the bar was told to go back and sit down because he was too busy to serve her. When I went to order a drink after having been in the restaurant 45 minutes without any service, I was told 'I see you, but I can't serve you right now. Just stand there.' Which I did, as it was clear the two of them were feeling totally overwhelmed. And this was before the food came (which it eventually did, including the vegan pizzas with non-vegetarian cheese and Alex's pizza, which included an interesting layer of flour as an extra.) And definitely before the bill came, about which I can only say, thank goodness for Carline, who usurped the calculator and straightened us out.

That said, we actually had a super time, as we always do at this events, and the food was nice, in spite of traumatizing the staff, and the environment very pleasant, in spite of the chaos we seemed to inadvertently be causing (and everyone was behaving! God forbid they'd see us at other times!)

I and my trusty iPhone took the evening off in regards to picture-taking, as it isn't very good indoors in dim circumstances, so thank you to Kirsten for most of these photos and Hannah for the one including Kirsten.

We divided ourselves between two big tables. Each of these big tables were created by pushing two smaller tables together and the idea was that it would make bill-paying an easier task when it came time to settle up, if we had two groups, one at each table. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to make quite as much sense to the staff. Despite the fact we were sitting, six at one table and eight at the other, with a space in between, they divided our bills up as if nine of us were sitting at the first table and four at the other. Huh??

Anyway, here is most of Table One - Hannah C. hiding behind Corinna and Andreas, and Debbie and Rachael opposite. You also see just a little bit of Alex's floury pizza.

Then we have Robyn and Alex.

Then Jude and Hannah. (I love these two 'Don't mess with me' looks. We were definitely getting hungry by this point and not so patient with photographers!)

Lubey and I were next to Hannah and Jude.

And Kate and Carline were across from us.

And because we want a picture of Kirsten too, who was behind the camera for all these other shots, and because we want to prove that Carline is not nearly as well-behaved as she gives the impression of being in the above photo, here is a picture courtesy of Hannah.