All the walks in North Devon proved to be very civilized because wherever you went, the National Trust had got there first and opened a tea shop! So halfway into our walk, we stopped for refreshments.

Robyn, Carline, Lubey and Corinna

And whenever we stopped, the first thing people did was check if there was a phone signal. The answer was usually no!

Alex, Kate and Milly

And of course, Alex hadn't had to climb anything yet, so she was soon off with the intention of taking a photo of the rest of us from a birds-eye view. (Spot the red t-shirt!)

At this point, we split up. Alex, Corinna and Andreas decided to return to Lynmouth by going up over the top, which included a climb of 160 steps. The rest of us returned to Lynmouth along the river valley in much the same way as we came. So we bid the three hardy souls farewell.

And we less hardy souls set off, encountering the only rain we had all weekend, which didn't last very long.

Hannah C. in the purple rain jacket, Debs in front of her, Carline, Kirsten, Robyn and Rachael ahead.

As the trail back was very similar to the one out and there are only so many interesting photos one can take of people's backs, particularly in rain jackets, suffice it to say, we returned. And here is Milly walking triumphantly back into the car park at the end of the walk. (I will add here that Milly was a real trouper. Age 3 and she walked the entire five mile distance both days on her own and was cheerful throughout. She was a real star!)