Day 2: Lynmouth to the Cleaves

Because I was staying in Ilfracombe while the others were in Lynton, my big worry each morning was finding the location where we were meeting up, because there was lots of potential to get lost, and this was made more problematic by the fact we seldom had a phone signal due to the lay of the land. So it was with great relief that, when I arrived Sunday morning, everyone was there waiting. I confessed to Kirsten that I always panicked a bit about not finding the right place, and she said in disbelief, 'You? Panic?' By Monday, she would know why . . . !

Sunday, however, we were all ready to go. On the left: Kirsten, Rachael (hiding), Kate and Milly, Hannah C., Corinna and Carline. On the right, Jude, Hannah, Lubey (hiding) and Debs. Andreas was behind me, also taking pictures.

Our path started in the village of Lynmouth on the right, across the bridge and then up the left side of the valley.

Soon we were up into sublime woodland once again.
Corrina (just coming into view, then Debs and Hannah C, Carline and Lubey, Robyn, Andreas and Alex, Jude and Hannah and up front, Rachael and Kirsten.

A pause along the way. Debs, Kate (who, I hasten to point out, does not have Milly hiding under her t-shirt but tied her jacket around her waist and pulled her rather lengthy t-shirt down over it!), Andreas, Carline, Robyn, Alex and Hannah.

Bridges were a major feature of this walk and we crossed back and forth across the river several times. Each one proved a fun photo opportunity as well as some great views. Here Andreas is attempting to line everyone up while waiting for other walkers to move along.

Andreas, Lubey, Corinna, Rachael and a few extraneous members of the public!

The views of the river were, indeed, wonderful and Corinna and I stayed behind with our cameras. Note other red t-shirts were already on the move on the right!

I also loved the lush woodland behind us.

Along the path we came to a very, very tiny waterfall that absolutely fascinated Milly. She thought it might make a good shower! Milly's mum thought otherwise and pointed out Milly might not want to walk the remaining three miles in wet wellies. Fortunately, Milly saw the value in this!

Hannah is here with Milly.

Then we paused to consult the map. The trail to the left? The trail to the right? In the end, we took the trail to the left.

Kirsten with the map, Alex, Andreas, Robyn, Hannah, Debs and Hannah C. behind her, Carline with Lubey behind her and Rachael.

Milly loved this part of the walk because she found a hollow tree with a 'Milly-hole' in it.