We were nearing the last mile, which goes along the cliffside, so most people stopped for a small rest. Alex, of course, saw something to climb while others were resting.

If you don't think Alex is in that picture, here is an enlargement. Look for the red shirt.

And then we were off again on a path not for people who suffer vertigo.

Hannah and Jude, Kate and Milly behind, then Rachael and Alex.

Stopping at the bench for a small rest.

Jude, Debs, Milly, Kate, Hannah C.

And while we didn't see any unicorns, we did see goats resting out on the most precipitous part of the hillside. This nanny goat and her kid were completely unfazed by the 200 foot drop below them.

An enlargement (which isn't too clear) that shows the little kid tucked up close to its mum.

And then onward and upward.

Until at last around the corner (several corners, actually!) and through a small wood, we ended up back in Lynton, right outside the guest house where everyone was staying. And that ended our walk on Day 1.