Others stayed up on the beach and relaxed.

(Kate and Andreas.)

And Milly found her own amusement.

This was the point we found Alex has an almost irresistible urge to climb up on things. She had soon attracted the company of Milly, Kate and Hannah C.

And then it was time to get back to walking, and having come downhill to the beach, we were confronted with uphill . . .

We had to go past that building, which is an old abbey and on up further. And it is a rather bigger hill than it looks in this picture!

About halfway up, Milly decided her head was getting hot, so Alex lent her her headband, which Milly modeled for us.

This was the only part where Milly did really think she'd just about had enough and wanted to rest. So she had a little sit down in Hannah's lap. That's Debs, Rachael, Alex, Hannah C. and Jude also in the picture.

But once Milly had rested, she was ready to go again. Soon we were on top of the hill and the walk leveled out.

Corinna, Hannah, Jude and Andreas in front. Robyn, then Rachael behind and then Alex, Milly and Kate.

This was the point in the walk we passed the sign warning us to be careful of unicorns.