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DAY 1 Woody Bay to Lynton

(And before I start, thanks to Kirsten for all the black-famed photos, which are hers. Not only does she have a much better quality camera than I, with my weight-adding iPhone, but she had the patience to actually take pictures everywhere. I tended to give up early!)

I arrived in Devon the day before everyone else because I was staying with friends in Ilfracombe, about 12 miles away from Lynton, where everyone else was. Because I was there early, I planned to drive over and vet the first day's location for meet-up, because the one thing I always worry about is the 'meeting up' part (everyone now understands why!). So I loaded my friends in the car and we drove over to Lynton, trying to follow Kirsten's directions to the Woody Bar car park. However, about four miles from Lynton, we were greeted by thick fog. My friends said the Devon word for this is 'Haw' (or 'hah', no idea of the spelling!) Whatever you call it, it made it absolutely impossible to see any road signs soon enough to turn. So, we gave up at the road turning into Woody Bay, because it looked like this.

As it turns out, that was very good fortune, because the next day was nice and clear and that's when I discovered this road soon turned into a single car track with a 200-foot drop on one side into the sea, the only protection being a wooden rail about two feet high!

Next morning, all was clear and pleasant and I managed to find the car park with no difficulty. So we assembled.

From left to right (and all pictures from here on will be identified left to right unless stated otherwise) we have Carline (behind me) me, looking way too jolly, Rachael, Robyn, Andreas and Hannah.

And then we were off down the road I am very glad I did not try to drive in the fog, as this is the wide bit!

Walkers here are Corinna with her every present camera, Hannah, Lubey, Jude (behind Lubey), Hannah C. in front holding Milly's hand. Andreas in front and Kate behind him.

Several of the brave walkers in this picture are partners/family members of THBB members and it's worth mentioning them at this point, because they were all very good humoured about our adventures. Jude is Hannah's partner. Hannah C. is Debbie's 13-year-old sister. Milly, age 3, who uncomplainingly did two of the three days - in other words ten miles of walking all by herself - is Kate's daughter. And Andreas is Corinna's husband, a particularly brave participant as he was also the only man among us!

After about two miles of easy, downhill walking, we came first to a little 'tea cottage' and then to the beach. Kirsten suggested we take a group photo at this point, partly because it was one of the few flat bits of our walks where we could get everyone together easily. Managing to do this, however, was a challenge of its own, as everyone wanted to explore the beach. Here we are, more or less getting into formation.

That's Milly and mum Kate, Carline, Alex, Hannah C in front of sister Debs, behind Debs is Rachael, then Hannah and Lubey closest to the camera.

Kirsten had the challenging task of getting the camera to balance while keeping all of us in focus long enough for the timer to go off.

Which wasn't easy, so fellow photographer Corinna came to give advice.

A small conference took place.

But it was worth it. Because here we all are, the only picture we have with absolutely everyone!

Kate, Milly, me, Carline, Rachael, Alex, Hannah, Jude, Debs, Hannah, Robyn, Lubey in front of Andreas, Corinna and Kirsten.

Then many were off to investigate the water.

Which Hannah discovered was wet!